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Luis Fernando Vega


Luis Fernando Vega better known as “Little Louie Vega is one of the most respected producers, deejays and remixers in the music and entertainment industry at large.
Louie Vega was born in a family of musicians, his father was a saxophonist and his uncle a salutary singer in his own right.
Many deejays started later in their years Louie started the art of mixing at the tender age of 13.

By 1985 Louie began playing at his cousin Eric Vega block parties and events, this is where it all began for the ‘little mastermind.
Little Vega started being a resident at nightclubs like Devils Nest, Roseland and Studio 54 just to name a few.

In the mid-1990’s Louie Vega started deviating away from his beloved turntables and focused more on Master At Work, which forced him to be in the studio and took most of his time.
Some of the eargasmic songs that were created by Louie Vega are as follows:

• 1990 “House of Vega”
• 1991 “Ride on the Rhythm”
• 1998 “Te Quero”
• 2000 Ëlements Of Life”
• 2002 “Diamond Life”

Production for other artist are as follows:

• 1987 Erasure “Victim of Love”(Little Louie Vega mix) Album: The Two Ring Circus
• 1988 Noel “Like a Child”
• 2003 Ursula Rucker “Release”
• 2004 Kenny Bobien “Spread Love”
• 2005 Anane “Let Me Love You” with Mr V


• 2004 Ëlements Of Life”
• 2005 Ëlements Of Life Extensions”
• 2013 Ëlements of Life Eclipse”

Up to today, the master is still at work creating artworks and entertaining the world.

Let us lift up our glasses and have a drink on behalf of the Legend himself Mr “Little Louie Vega. #Gottagged

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