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Following the recent onslaught of new and enhanced models in the Mercedes-Benz SUV range, the ‘Find your best’ – #EveryTerrain campaign is growing in popularity. Now in its fourth Episode of a six-part series, social media fans will be treated to an awe-inspiring experience of ‘Man versus Beast’. World-renowned photographer Adrian Steirn and ‘Animal behaviourist – Lion Whisperer’ Kevin Richardson teamed up to fulfil their challenge.

“The twosome had forty-eight hours to conceptualise and get the perfect shot for a billboard depicting a unique message to raise awareness around canned hunts and the plight of Africa’s lions,” says Selvin Govender, Marketing Director Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Working with these large predators in the Welgedacht Private Game Reserve, nestled between the Bobbejaansberge and the Boekenhoutspruit outside Pretoria, proved to be a challenge for Adrian. Lions are not the easiest of subject matter for a film-shoot, whereas Kevin felt quite at home in his Wildlife Sanctuary with these huge carnivores. Adrian had his legendary G-Class to help familiarise himself with the pride and to keep him safe.

Against all odds, including adverse weather conditions, Adrian and Kevin capture the perfect shot – the duo finds their best!

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