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Dj Deeper Sensation


Ladies and Gentlemen, today we present to you DJ Deeper Sensation, he is a young man from the burbs in the West Rand, he spent some time with us and divulged some of the in’s and out of how he rocks his crowd.

DJ Deeper Sensation, welcome to Gottagged and thank you for giving us the opportunity to get an inside scoop of who you are what you do and how you do it.

GT: How did you get into this particular career?

DS: It all started out as a fascination for what DJ’s do, how different songs can be put together seamlessly and sound so good. Back in 2010, I was hanging with a friend & having a good time. He then started playing music and I decided that I want to use Virtual DJ and see how good I am at mixing music. Ever since that day, I realized my passion for music and mixing. It is satisfying, that when you play for people and you see them dancing and having a good time, that you were able to do it for them, and do what you love at the same time.

GT: Well there is a little inspiration for you all, set the goal and do the rest until you succeed. Well then Deeper Sensation, what would you say is your favorite car, music and hang out spot?

DS: There has always been one car that I have always wanted since I can remember, that would be a Subaru WRX STI, but if money was not an issue I would also own an Opel Corsa OPC.

I listen to any genre that is out there, but all is dependent on my mood at the time but to be honest Deep and House music is where home is and I will always refer back to it no matter what. These genres are the ones that sparked my interest and they will forever fuel my passion of being a DJ.

I really don’t have a favorite hangout spot. I’m the type of guy that will put a good time above all else, If the venue is new to me I will not cringe and want to leave prematurely, so if a place has good music, great vibe and crowd that is my kinda place. But there are a few places that spring to mind when venues are concerned that tick all the right boxes for a good night out namely Manhattans, Capello’s, News café and Stones.

GT: Well, it seems as though your passion for house music is in line with the majority of our fans, so welcome once again to the good side of life.

GT:What would you consider as your best ever buy?

DS: My best buy would be my Numark N4 Desk. It has given me the opportunity to expand my skills as a DJ and has allowed me to do more in the mixes I produce. It has boosted my career, however I need to take it to the next level and continue in expanding my skill set.

GT: We are impressed by the fact that you want to improve your skills, not many people we have come across are that determined in self-empowerment which is sadly lacking in this country kudos to you.
From our experience we have heard from patrons of various venues, the street and on blogs asking DJ’s various questions.

What questions are you frequently asked?

DS: I would say it is always questions on things like, “What is your favorite genre? “Who do I look up to?”, “Where do I play most often?”, it is the usual question that I am sure many a DJ gets asked.

GT: Diving straight into the money pot, how much do you charge per hour”?

DS: If I was in a position to charge people an hourly rate, I would charge people a minimum of R2,000.00 per hour.

GT: Dear Deeper Sensation, if you’re good at something, never do it for free.

GT: If you were to advise any of the up and coming DJ’s, what advice would you give them?

DS: Don’t waste any time. You have a dream, a goal and a future you want to obtain. Go out there, get yourself noticed and promote yourself, that is the only way you will be able to make a name for yourself. Someone close to me once said, “When I started, I started doing pro-bono work at clubs, it was the only way to make a name for myself…”, that is the way to go about. Always practice and better yourself. If you’re really passionate about it, doing all these things will be easy and with time you will be bigger than you ever imagined.

GT: How can our audience listen to your mixes or get hold of you for bookings?

DS:I post mixes on SoundCloud @DJ_Deeper_Sensation. The mixes are always available for download. For bookings you can go onto my website at djdeepsense.wordpress.com and click on the bookings tab or alternatively you can contact me via my mobile phone.

GT: One final question, what would you consider as your biggest achievements?

DS: My biggest achievement would be working for one of the biggest Mobile DJ companies (Blast Music and Entertainment) and never got a rating less that 8/10 for any corporate or wedding or any event that I played for. Just to add to that achievement would be the Numark N4 desk that I was able to buy.

Well thank you once again for affording us this opportunity to meet you, we will certainly make sure we come and find you again when you are larger than life.

Folks we have been blessed with an exclusive mix that was done by Deeper Sensation for us at Gottagged, have a listen to it and let us know what you think. Show the brother some love


Signing out Gottagged.


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