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Dj Jazzy Jazz


Dj Jazzy Jazz

GT: Welcome Dj Jazzy Jazz, who are you how did you get into this particular career?

Jazzy Jazz: I would like to believe that, I did not choose this career. The career chose me. I’ve always had a musical background since I was a little boy, singing at school and being a Sunday school choir conductor. At the age of 6 I had already fallen in love with music, and being the youngest drum player for the neighbourhood scouts. I then grew up to find myself joining a local dance club founded by Bheki Thwala where I participated in dance and musical activities. I started being a frequent radio listener particularly (Yfm), when I was in secondary school (Thlathlogang secondary School) before moving to Morris Isaacson High in the late 90s. I was inspired by a lot of dj’s back then, dj Khabzela, Rude boy Paul, Apple seed Admiral, Phindi Gule and the list goes on!!!

GT: Interesting, what would you say is your favorite type of car, music and hang out spot?

Jazzy Jazz: I am more of a (Lip stick red or black) VW Golf guy, Golf 6 or 7 and it must be an R line with all optional extras. If not, a VW Scirroco will do just fine. I’ve had an opportunity to drive a C250 coupe Mercedes benz and I must say I have fallen in love. I listen to all types of music but house music is my cup of coffee and I mostly hang out in places where I usually play 707 PANYAZA, Basement lounge and News Café Emperors Palace. I am also a resident DJ at all the above places.

GT: What would you consider as your best ever buy?

Jazzy Jazz: My best buy would most certainly be my production equipment (Mini Studio) in my Backroom and also my Pioneer CDJs 850.

GT: What question are frequently asked?

Jazzy Jazz: “How much do you charge per hour”?

GT: If you were to advise any of the up and coming dj’s, what advice would you give them?

Jazzy Jazz: In order to be a dj, one needs to have passion for music, needs to be able to connect with the people you are playing for and lastly needs to be patient and not do it for the money. Since a lot of upcoming dj’s are spawning, I would advise that they don’t get into the industry for money and fame, join a legitimate dj academy where you will all the get the basics of the profession and then move on to build your brand.

GTM: How can our audience listen to your mixes or get hold of you for bookings?

Jazzy Jazz: They can access my music and mixes on soundcloud.com or follow my links from Facebook: Jazzy Jazz Hloni Mabalane and on twitter @jazzyjazz

GT: One final question, what would you consider as your biggest achievements?

Jazzy Jazz: My biggest achievements in terms of my career is playing alongside the captains of industry. I have played with both national and international dj’s but to name a few, DJ Mgedeza, DJ Nastee Nev, DJ Ganyani, Lulo Café, Christos, Vinny Da Vincy, Vetkuk n Mahoota, Glen Lewis, Harrison Crump and Luciano the list goes on and on and on !! Another one would be being part of 707 Panyaza’s management, playing a crucial role in organising events and co-ordinating zik-lak entertainment Gigs. I am a part of the annual Kingz of House event which will soon be the biggest event around and make history in years to come….

GT: Thank you Jazzy Jazz, we wish you all the best and hope to catch up with you again soon.

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