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Jeep SRT 8


Pros: Fully loaded package, insatiable V8 roar, and bargain tar ripping SUV.
Cons: Could do with some forced induction, interior is a little bland, audio system is disappointing.

Imagine this for a second, a hefty gargantuan man who can run through the entire opposing team and have a little more to spare to score the try. This is exactly what the updated offering from Jeep is, it has a few sniggles as all cars do, but, this is one mad machine that deserves to be punted down any stretch of road.


The interior is what one could describe as a luxury venue of sorts, it houses standard equipment such as climate control, digital readout cluster which includes the tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and a host of other informative screens.

When one considers having an SUV as their weapon of choice, a number of factors come into play comfort, agility, safety, performance and bragging rights. This segment of vehicles has been dominated by the Germans, particularly the BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne and the Mercedes-Benz ML now the GLE.

Comfort levels in the SRT 8 reach heights that are not usually seen in American products, adjust the seat fill up the lumber support and prepare to experience a burst of comfort one would hardly find in most cars these days. Unfortunately, when comparing the Jeep to the Germans it does feel a little lackluster and a little off in the quality department, trust me, there are many cons you can point out in the Germans but they have somehow surpassed the Jeep and I see the SRT 8 needing a little more effort in that department.

I am in no way saying that the Jeep is a shoddy and not well thought out setup, it’s just missing that special element that makes one crave to get in at every moment possible. One particular hiccup was the audio system, I found that it distorted at higher volumes and personally, if I am paying over a bar for a car, the acoustics better massage my ear lobes and sooth my drums.
Safety has not been compromised for a slight edge in another department, the Jeep comes standard with multistage airbags, blind spot monitoring, dual front, dual side and full length curtain airbags. Nothing out of the ordinary but with this amount of power, things do tend to get a little spirited and having the surety that you’ll be safe in any situation is comforting to the soul.


Now this is perhaps my favorite part of this car, I’ll have to admit that I do have a wild obsession with power and the SRT 8 doesn’t fail in ticking that box. 344kW and 624 N.m of torque is all one realistically needs to show a lot of cars the rear end and keep them there. Paired with the huge amount of power is the sonorous Hemi V8 and the twin pipes that stick out at the rear, it’s not often that one can get the opportunity to clear a cars throat like I did, and boy oh boy what a note that car has.

I doubt I have ever smiled so much with envy at owners who stomp the pedal on a daily basis whilst leaving their driveways, as silly as it may sound, it’s that intoxicating. 0-100km/h is dispatched in 5.2 seconds and the needle will run all the way to 250km/h. One element I’ll highlight is the slight drop in power as you are heading north of 200km//h, picture this, take a few Mentos sweets, put them into a Coca-Cola bottle and watch the glorious spew of Cola flow out the bottle, but after a while the spontaneous reaction will slowly die and eventually wean off, this is perhaps the best way I can describe how power is delivered in the SRT 8, and one more thing, since the motor is not assisted by force fed induction so the thin air up at the reef saps the power and leaves you begging for more performance, this can unfortunately spring a nasty surprise when you are lining up against a Golf 7 R, but I’d take my chances down at the coast where the air is thick and plentiful.

But in all fairness this issue will be sorted out in the upcoming version, there are rumors that there is going to be a Hellcat version of the SRT 8 and this my friends is claimed to have figures north of 500 kW and 780 Nm’s of torque, this is going to be one crazy SUV with ample power to shake up establishment and have the Germans running for cover, it seems overkill but we all know how Murica loves to be big and bold, we eagerly anticipate the day egos are bruised.


All is all, the SRT 8 is a great contender to the throne and not many cars can stick with it, would we buy one? Oh hell yes, we would, it’s a great piece of machinery and for the price it really is a bargain and you will not be disappointed in the buy.

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