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Nissan GT-R – Gojira strikes again.


Pros: Unfathomable acceleration, point and squirt dynamics, underdog, improved gearbox noise.

Cons: Heavy, limited service centers.

Some may call it a strange and ugly looking car, but personally looks in this sort of machine don’t matter, and in any case looks are subjective. Fortunately we had the rare opportunity to test the Nissan GT-R for a few hours and man oh man we had some fun. Known as Godzillia to diehard fans, the GT-R has been improved over the years and continues to show the establishment a thing or two.


Well as you can see in the some of the photos posted, the look of the GT-R is not everybody’s cup of tea. Most supercars are designed to catch the eye, but in this case, Nissan created a successor that houses traditional design cues. From the back you have the traditional four rings from the R32, R33 and R34 and to finish it off it still has the huge spoiler mounted on the boot. The GT-R is kitted with an exceptional Bose sound system with a 10 inch sub mounted in-between the rear seats so audio is crisp, pure and proves to compete well with its rivals. In the center of the dash is a Polyphony designed screen that displays all critical information of the car, water temperature, oil pressure and power distribution are just some of the options that are available on the menus. You can customize the menus to your preference and the options are endless. It also includes a G meter to measure horizontal and lateral forces one is put through on the tight and twisty roads. Being in a GT-R is also an experience one can’t really explain, the car feels a whole lot smaller than it actually is and wrapping your mind around all the statistics that lit up front page news on launch in 2007 you begin to smile and prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Besides the electronics and gizmos to keep you entertained, the GT-R is comfortable, cozy and at times a hard place to be, the 2016 model has been refined in many ways ranging from the seats, interior ambiance and a host of customization options.


The GT-R is huge and unfortunately weighs too much, this has resulted in it being trounced by many newer super cars that weigh as much as a feather and have atom bombs for engines. When the GT-R was launched in 2007 it posted a time of 7:34.00 around the Nordschleife beating cars like the 911 Turbo, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lexus LFA, McLaren Mercedes SLR and many more, since then, the crazy wizards at Nissan have managed to beat their previous best times with every upgrade to the car, now at 7:08.68 the Nismo GT-R holds the record for the world’s fastest volume production car around the Nordschleife with the only cars faster being hyper cars such as Porsche’s 918 Spyder and McLarens P1.

But back to the non Nismo version we had, 0-100km/h is dispatched in a claimed 2.8 seconds but we could only achieve 3.3 which is a hell of a quick, I often have a challenge describing how fast 0-100km/h times are and I will concede in this case too.

Cars that accelerate so quickly should not be legal on our roads especially with the national speed limit set as it is and the obstacles in the bushes zooming in on you like a 5th grader on ants.

One can only wish that they had the opportunity to test its true potential on the Autobahn.

Don’t be fooled though, the GT-R does have a few setbacks the ride is hard and the rear mounted dual-clutch gearbox is not the best transmission to have whilst puckering around in town, it gets worse, the audible clunks and clatters coming from the drive shaft are just not that reassuring that you are in a car North of two bars even though Nissan says this is normal it just doesn’t sound good to the ear, It has been improved over the years but I guess this is where the 911 Turbo S and co show off their engineering prowess.

But, even with those niggles the GT-R is matched by very few on the road and coming in at R2,150,000 for the Premium Edition and R 2,250,000 for the Black Edition its closest competitor is above R 2,500,000 and even then, one can’t justify why one would spend that much only to be second best.


Great is not a word I use too often especially when behind the wheel of a car, but wow the GT-R is awe-inspiring, the words above don’t reflect how good of a car this is, if you ever have the opportunity to get into one never turn it down as you will come out flabbergasted and will be longing for more.


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