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New Mégane range displays ultimate embodiment of design and technology

  • 1996 – 2016: Renault Mégane, flagship model of brand’s line-up, celebrates 21  years
  • Top-of-the-range New Renault Mégane GT powered by Energy TCe 205 1.6 litre engine, mated with 7-speed dual-clutch (EDC) auto gearbox
  • New Mégane GT also fitted with Renault MULTI-SENSE, R-LINK 2, 4CONTROL Chassis plus full LED headlamp technology
  • Choice of 7-speed EDC auto gearbox or 6-speed manual transmission on New Mégane GT-Line 1.2 litre; 5-speed manual for New Mégane Dynamique 1.6 litre model
  • Frugal and environmentally friendly Euro 6 Turbo petrol engines blend powerful performance, outstanding fuel efficiency and absolute driving pleasure

The long-awaited and much-anticipated NEW RENAULT MÉGANE is here.

Launched locally in 1996, 20 years have passed since the birth of the popular Renault Mégane. Accorded the prestigious title of flagship model of the French automaker’s line-up, it’s now time to welcome the fourth generation New Renault Mégane range to South Africa.

In the words of Laurens van den Acker, Renault’s world-renowned design chief: “Behind the (New Mégane’s) appeal, there is a substance, technology and innovations that will make life easier and more rewarding.”


Leading the New Renault Mégane petrol-powered pack is the GT flagship model. Powered by the marque’snew generation Energy TCe 205 151 kW (1.6 litre) engine, the New Mégane GT has a seven-speed dual-clutch (EDC) auto gearbox plus Renault’s 4CONTROL chassis four wheel steering system.

In addition to a host of Renault MULTI-SENSE road handling features, full LED technology is alsoexclusive to the New Mégane GT providing the driver with light that is 20% more powerful than conventional halogen lamps. Other GT-only features and fitments include leather seats, 18” alloy wheels (plus 17” spare) electronic parking brake and paddle shift.

Next up are the two New Mégane GT-LINE variants. Both powered by Renault’s Energy TCe130 97 kW (1.2 litre) engine, there are two transmission options: seven-speed dual-clutch (EDC) auto gear box (just like the GT)or six-speed manual gear box.

New Mégane’s Dynamique model is powered by Renault’s 84kW 1.6 litre engine and mated with a five-speed manual gear box.

New Renault Mégane has been awarded the prestigious 5-star Euro NCAP rating.


  • Exterior

Bigger, bolder and boasting a classy road posture, the New Renault Mégane’s sporty exterior styling is more sensual than ever. Perfectly proportioned and well-balanced, its volume seems to be drawn from a single line with generous and contoured shoulders reinforcing a perception of quality and strength. This, together with the brand’s trademark vertical diamond-shaped logo and wide grille, is inherent to Renault’s new design philosophy.

At first glance, it’s immediately apparent that the consistency of New Renault Mégane’s exterior and interior design, together with the quality of the materials used throughout, is attributable to a vehicle competing in an upper segment.

While its overall length has been marginally extended (to 4.36m) the fourth generation New Mégane is lower than its predecessor and well-seated on its supports. It has a wider wheelbase and the lower part of its body and bonnet feature taut, precise lines which converge towards the front of the car to highlight its dynamic stance.

New Mégane boasts distinctive front and rear lighting signatures which are illuminated by day and night. The front C-shaped lighting features 3-D Edge Light (LED) technology while as previously mentioned, the New Mégane GT comes equipped with full LED headlights.

The permanently-lit rear LED lights also feature a unique 3D-effect signature with the slender brush stroke-like lines emitting a deep red light.

  • Interior

The interior is modern, sporty and inviting and has been designed to draw in driver and passengers with its invitation to settle comfortably into the contoured seats in back and front.

Once aboard, the driver is immersed in a high-tech cockpit displaying perfectly integrated technology with all controls within easy reach – also unique to the segment. With his/her hands-free Renault key card to hand, the vehicle switches to standby mode and readies itself for the road.

Exterior LED daytime running lights and rear lamps as well as interior environment lights come on as do the repeats and door bottom lamps. The rear view mirrors unfold and upon opening the door, Renault R-LINK 2’s 7” (Dynamique model) or 8.7” (GT and GT-LINE models) electronic touchscreen displays a welcome message.

Wrap-around and contoured front seats ooze comfort and back support and the dashboard lines (also wraparound) extend to the front doors. A high and wide centre console has attractively moulded strips and the fine detail surrounding the rev counter, air vents and full-grain leather steering (GT and GT-LINE models only) and other areas, is in satin-finish chromium.

Space has been optimised and together with best-in-class shoulder room and abundant leg room, there are a number of smart and practical storage areas in the cabin (under the central armrest and in the doors for example). The boot measures a sizeable 434 litres.


  • 4CONTROL Chassis

The New Mégane GT model is the first vehicle in its segment to have 4CONTROL technology which affords the driver control, handling responsiveness and absolute precision. A Renault innovation, 4CONTROL chassis turns the rear wheels (maximum 3.0° angle) which affords the driver exceptional cornering ability.

It brings energy and precision on winding roads, stability at high speed and offers handling responsiveness at low-speed and when manoeuvering. The four-wheel steering system’s ability to react immediately is extremely reassuring in emergency situations; driving control is cleaner and more precise offering more peace of mind and genuine driving enjoyment.

  • R-LINK 2

Described as the ‘best on-board multimedia interface at the price’, R-LINK 2 is the new generation control centre that manages the vehicle’s various connectivity functions: Multimedia, new generation TomTom navigation device, telephone, radio, MULTI-SENSE, 4CONTROL and driving aids for example

The three New Renault Mégane GT and GT-LINE variants come with R-LINK 2 complete with 8.7” vertical multimedia touchscreen display and voice recognition for the navigation system, telephone, and radio ensuring safe and easy operation of the various functions. New Mégane Dynamique comes with 7” horizontal touchscreen.

  • MULTI-SENSE technology personalises the driving experience

New Mégane comes with the Renault MULTI-SENSE button or settings can be accessed from the R-LINK 2. MULTI-SENSE affords driver and passengers the ability to immerse themselves in a uniquely personalized driving experience; technology unprecedented within the highly populated vehicle segment in which New Mégane competes.

MULTI-SENSE enables users to modify driving dynamics:  accelerator pedal mapping, variable-power steering response, gearbox mapping, powertrain response (injection ECU) and 4CONTROL chassis behavior (New Mégane GT only).

The MULTI-SENSE button provides direct access to these functions via the R-LINK 2 multimedia touchscreen display as well as tofour different pre-defined driving settings: Neutral, Comfort, Eco (in GT-Line), Sport (in GT) and Perso.

These MULTI-SENSE modes also combine with a choice of five interior lighting ambiences: the illumination covers the centre console and matches the colour on the dashboard’s TFT cluster panel and multimedia display.

With the assistance of MULTI-SENSE technology, the driver is also able to enhance his/her acoustic environment by adjusting the engine sound with a choice of three different settings: Neutral, Comfort and Sport.

  • Radio

Includes USB and Bluetooth® connectivity as standard to support both telephony and multimedia mobile devices. Four speakers, 3-line 4.2 display, wireless telephony, push-to-talk (Smartphone voice recognition), offset terminal 2 USB + jack, audio streaming.

  • 7” TFT Instrument Cluster

The TFT instrument cluster is at the heart of the dashboard is easy on the eye and displays stable images with good contrast both day and night. Using the ambient lighting controls facilitated by Renault MULTI-SENSE, the cluster’s dominant colour is changeable.

  • Driving Aids

For added safety and peace of mind on the road, intuitive and intelligent driving aids are easily configured using the R-LINK 2 interface:

  • Parking Distance Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Blind Spot Warning (optional on GT and GT-LINE models)
  • Easy Park Assist (optional on GT and GT-Line models)

PROVEN POWER & PERFORMANCE: Engine range catering for all needs

Renault is the one of the most advanced manufacturers globally when it comes to engine downsizing without compromising on performance. As an engine expert and pioneer of turbocharging and downsizing in Formula 1, Renault is a leading advocate for smaller-capacity power plants.

The frugal and environmentally-friendly Euro 6 engines under the bonnets of the New Mégane  range, seamlessly blend absolute driving pleasure, powerful performance and optimum fuel efficiency. All fuel consumption and emission figures quoted are homologated in compliance with applicable legislation.

The four New Mégane models are:

  • FLAGSHIP New Renault Mégane GT1.6 litre with EDC

Exclusive to the New Mégane GT top-of-the-range model is the Renault Sport Team-developed Energy TCe 205 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. Delivering maximum output of 151kW (205hp) and 280Nm of torque from 2 400rpm, it ensures brisk acceleration and pick-up. The engine is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch (EDC) gearbox which is renowned for its simplicity in everyday use.

Yet the level of driving enjoyment and performance the Energy TCe 205 offers, remains compatible with low CO2 emissions (134g/km) and fuel consumption (6 litres/100km in combined cycle).

  • New Mégane GT-LINE duo: With choice of EDC or manual gear boxes

Renault’s proven Energy TCe130 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine powers both New Mégane GT-LINE newcomers and delivers top output of 97kW (130hp) and 205Nm of torque from 2 000 rpm.

The automaker’s F1 technology transference to this engine is particularly evident in respect of turbo technology, engine dynamics, friction reduction, cooling and thermal management.

This 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol unit offers the same performance and efficiency as a naturally aspirated two-litre power plant. Its direct injection technology and integrated turbo manifold translate to flexibility, responsiveness and improved combustion which benefits fuel consumption.

Customers have a choice of two transmissions: seven-speed dual-clutch (EDC) auto gear box or six-speed manual gear box.

  • GT-LINE EDC Auto 7-speed gear box

The New Mégane GT-LINE with EDC provides the comfort and response of a dual-clutch transmission.

Fuel consumption is 5.4 litres/100km (in the combined cycle) while CO2 emissions are 122g/km. Top speed is 199kph.

  • GT-LINE Manual 6-speed gearbox

Fuel consumption is 5.3 litres/100km (in the combined cycle) and CO2 emissions are 119 g/km. Top speed is 197kph.

  • New Mégane Dynamique

In response to demand from certain sectors of the global and local markets, the New Mégane Dynamique model comes powered by Renault’s tried and trusted naturally-aspirated 1.6 petrol engine mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

The 1.6 litre engine has maximum power output of 84kW (115hp) and 156Nm of torque at 4 000rpm and a top speed of 191kph.

Fuel consumption is 6.4 litres/100km (in combined cycle) and CO2 emissions are 144g/km.




85kW 1.6

97kW (H5Ft)

97kW (H5Ft) EDC

151kW (M5M) EDC





Brake Assist + 17″ Alloys + 18″ Alloys
16″ Alloys + Daytime running LEDs + Full LED headlamp
Cruise Control with speed limiter + Leather seats Standard(Alcantara dark) + 17″ Temporary spare
ABS + GT/GT-Line leather gear knob + Leather seats (Alcantara dark & blue)
Auto AC (Dual Zone) + GT/GT-Line leather steering wheel + 8.7″ touchscreen navigation
Deadlocking + Electronic parking brake + 4CONTROL chassis
Heated mirrors with temp sensor + Driver heated seat + Electronic parking brake
Front fog lights + 8.7″ touchscreen navigation + Paddle shift
Dark fabric seats + MULTI-SENSE + Blind Spot Warning (O)
Manual lumber support seats + Blind Spot Warning (O) + Easy Parking (O)
Tyre pressure monitor + Easy Parking (O) + Electrochromatic room mirror (O)
Driver side, chest, curtain airbags + Electrochromatic room mirror (O) + Electronic panoramic sunroof (O)
ESP + Electronic panoramic sunroof (O)  
Hill Start Assist
Auto lights and rain sensors
Hands-free keyless    
Leather steering wheel    
1 touch F/R power windows    
15″ steel spare wheel    
Seat belt reminder    
7″ touchscreen navigation  OPTIONAL PACK  OPTIONAL PACK
Without ashtray and lighter  OPTIONAL PACK  OPTIONAL PACK
Engine immobilizer  


The New Renault Megane line-up comes standard with a 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty and a 6-year anti-corrosion warranty. Also standard is a 5-year/90 000km service plan. Services take place at15 000 kmintervals (10 000km on Megane GT).


New Renault Mégane Dynamique                              R 279 900

1.6 litre (85kW)

New Renault Mégane GT-LINE

1.2 litre Turbo (97kW)

  • With 6-speed manual transmission:               R 339 900
  • With 7-speed EDC auto transmission:            R 354 900
  • New Renault Mégane GT                                      R 449 900

1.6 litre Turbo (151kW)



Blind Spot Warning + Easy Park Assist R10 000
Electrochromatic room mirror + Electronic panoramic sunroof R10 000

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