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Opel Adam


The little car that makes sense.

We were fortunate enough to be at the Opel ADAM Launch at Melrose Arch this past week. The setting was serene and quite suitable for the little champ. Upon arriving we were welcomed by the friendly staff and were given goodie bags and we like such things.

Seeing the ADAM, one is reminded of its similarities with the Fiat 500 and the Citroen DS3, funky, different and not compromising in anyway.
During the presentation ceremony, the M.C placed the ADAM as the new direction Opel is taking, he even mentioned the Superboss and the 200tS to culminate the history and legendary cars from the Opel stable.

Once the formalities were done, we then had the chance to experience the ADAM with our instructors from the experience Opel crew, a few highlights like the self-parking feature were demonstrated and are a real eye opener, one can find endless videos cars parking autonomously on YouTube, but, experiencing it is something else, pressing a single button enables the car to scan for parking bays that it can fit into, don’t worry, you won’t be causing a traffic jam looking for parking as it can scan spaces at up to 30 km/h. Once the car has identified an adequate space it would then notify the driver, from then on all you need to do is modulate the throttle, clutch and brake while it steers itself into the bay, if it’s not satisfied with the distance to the surrounding cars it would instruct the driver accordingly until the car is in the center of the parking bay, this is some amazing technology and gives individuals no reason to park too close to the line making it impossible for other users to get in or out their cars.

The ADAM has a number of customization options ranging from the side mirrors, dashboard, mags, seats, ambient lighting and panoramic roof. One of the trim levels had stars on the roof lining projected from the rear view mirror that looked nice but I am certain the gents would not be too fond of this for too long.

The ADAM comes in two configurations 66 kW and 84 kW from a 1.0L Ecotec Direct injection turbo, with both guises producing 170 Nm’s of torque, the ADAM is a surprisingly quick car, yes it’s no Polo GTI, but for your quick dash to 100km/h you can expect to achieve in a leisurely 11.9 seconds in the 66kW version and a more exciting 9.9 seconds in the 84kW derivative, the ambitious motor is sufficient to get you smiling and embarrass others in the process. Boost is very subtle but noticeable, my only concern was the sudden drop in power after 6000 rpm but that’s just me being power hungry. Besides that small personal peeve the motor is great and can be a lot of fun. The ADAM is fitted with a new 6 speed manual gearbox which is smooth and has been engineered to keep you in the power band at all times.

Being a small car you would expect to drive for miles on a single tank but do take note, it has a very small tank 35L’s to be exact, so you will be visiting filling stations quite often if you are a spirited driver. Opel claims fuel consumption as low as 4.3 litres per 100 kilometers with co2 emissions of just 99g/km but we are certain that those figures in the real world will not be seen, expect around 5-6L per 100.

All in all the ADAM is a great little package, great performance, comfortable ride, sporty looks and exceptional fuel economy. We would recommend you test it out before purchasing anything similar, this is a game changer. Oh yes, one more thing, welcome back Opel you have been sorely missed.

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