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South African Festival of Motoring


So, we took a turn to the acclaimed South African Festival of Motoring hosted at the glorious revamped Kayalami race circuit, one could only but want to be first in line for all the attractions available, we were treated to a host of manufacturers with their latest offerings and to a surprisingly efficient food court.

Have a look at our little tale of the day.

I would have to say that Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Renault and KIA motors were attractions that stood out to me, well organised, awesome client services and in general a thrill to be at, I for one had a blast in the Renault Megane GT, a surprising package to say the least, after my hot lap experience I will never view that brand in the same light again, good on you Renault…..pssst please hurry up with the F1 we are anxious to see what it can do.

All in all a great event with lots to explore, experience and admire, from supercars to daily driven models, the SAFOM is by far the benchmark in providing an experiential scope of what the motoring industry has to offer, bring on 2018…

And lastly, thank you to KIA motors South Africa for the tickets.


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