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The not so little…ADAM.


Written by: Charles Molefe

We have been fortunate to be immersed in Opel South Africa’s vehicles for the better part of January. Straight after our test in what is arguably the best SUV we have tested so far. We jumped straight into the Opel ADAM, at first impression one can easily feel as though this is a huge downgrade, but to my surprise, there are a number of quirky and useful tricks this little pocket rocket has.


First off, the ADAM is a car that is highly customizable, you can literally spec the car to your heart’s desire, personally, this is a major selling point for this vehicle, knowing that the ADAM next to you is not the same, rests very well with me.

One would assume that cheap materials would be used on the dashboard for cost-saving measures, none of that here. It would be very bold of me to announce the ADAM as a premium car but for some reason, it just seems to touch that fictitious line of being a premium product.

There isn’t a hint of shoddy workmanship, shortcuts or even a slightly misplaced feature. The audio system for one is a piece of art, it covers the audio spectrum so well that I can easily say that it rivals some of the high-end systems we have experienced.

As standard, the ADAM comes equipped with Bluetooth, auxiliary port, USB, a user-friendly 7-inch Touchscreen linked to the IntelliLink System and power windows for both the driver and passenger, the list is literally endless and I am perplexed how Opel has managed to squeeze all this technology into such a small package.

I am often baffled how some manufacturers are able to build packages that can cater to everyone, you will be greatly surprised at how efficient, comfortable and economic this vehicle is. I guess asking for heated and cooled seats would be pushing it too far for this segment, it would serve as an ace in the hole and go a long way in standing out from the competition. The seats are nothing but amazing and provide great support for anyone, irrespective of your mark on the BMI scale. Even for the young crowd who are climbing up the corporate ladder, you will not feel displaced in any parking lot.

I guess what impresses me is the auspicious manner in how the ADAM is constructed, it has all you need, whether it be to show off the self-parking feature that aligns you dead center in the chosen parking bay or even the blind spot warning system that lights up when you are unaware of hidden objects whilst changing lanes.


The biggest selling point is perhaps the punchy 1.0T Ecoflex engine that produces 85kW and 170Nm, I can never get enough of how so little can be so much, the ADAM tips the scales at 1086kg so it is not lugging great mass that would consequentially slow it down and decrease its fuel efficiency. 0-100km/h is achieved in a brisk 9.9 seconds and will easily climb up the speedometer and top out at 196km/h, with ease.

5.1L/100km is all the ADAM will sip on a combined cycle, I can attest to these claims, during my week-long test with the ADAM, I averaged a figure of 5.6L/100km, as usual, this included some spirited driving, some time on the highway and a quick dash to Hartbeespoort Dam and back.

I can go on and on about figures in this section but what really chuffed me is how economic the ADAM is.

With Eco mode enabled, you have the auto stop/start function in action, this will seamlessly switch the engine off when you have been stationary for what is deemed lengthy by the ADAM, this, in turn, serves as another fuel-saving method.


Week in week out we are privileged to have access to some of the finest machines from manufacturers from each corner of the globe, this week has been one of those that I’ll cherish for a long time to come.

I could not have begged for anything more from the ADAM, I’d be nit-picking to find a fault with this vehicle, it ticks all the right boxes and is a versatile machine in its own way.

Would I buy one and leave my current daily drive?

That is a question very few will struggle to answer, I personally would not even hesitate to get one in my garage, it’s just that good.


From R233 733 – R275 553

6-speed manual transmission

LED daytime running lights

Hill start assist

Cruise control

5 years / 120 000km warranty and roadside assistance

3 years / 60 000km service plan.

Gottagged rating

7.8 / 10

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