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Volkswagen Golf 7 R


Pros: 206kw 380nm.
Cons: We want one badly.

The VW Golf 7 R, is the fastest mk7 Golf on sale, but is the fourth generation of R-badged Golf. Available as a five door hatch, with the option of a six-speed manual or twin-clutch (DSG) paddle-shift gearbox pricing begins at R 490,000.00
The days of old are gone with the six-cylinder lump in the Golfs, the new R has opted for a tried and tested four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The underpinnings of the motor are similar to those of the Golf 7 GTI but it houses a few improvements to the cylinder head, injectors, pistons and a different turbo. Maximum power is 206kw and 380Nm.
With Its Haldex four-wheel drive system power is shoved to the front wheels during normal driving conditions and a little to the rear when conditions or the situation calls for it.
With added power and weight the car is 5mmlower than the GTI and has firmer springs to cultivate a sportier ride and feel.

To enable you to reel in the reins of the car, it has an optional Dynamic Chassis Control system which enables you to select Race mode, we guess this means this is your no holds barred experience from the R.


Have you ever wondered how a modern VR6 would sound? This is perhaps the closest you will get, with a rumble and loud hissing vacuum cleaner sound the Golf R stirs emotions from way beyond the belly.

The DSG version of the R hits 100kph in a claimed 5.2 and 5.1 for the manual. With a top speed of 250kph for both one really wonders where such speeds are attainable. This is something we would like to put to test, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


With such an aggressive face, one does not need to flash fellow motorists out the way, those LED daytime running lights signify that well enough to have any road user voluntarily move out the way, even though our glorious K53 system states keep left, pass right.
The R seats 4 to 5 passengers comfortably and has decent luggage space to haul around those bags for a road trip.


Standard features on the R are endless and Volkswagen has worked really hard on bring everything together in one package.
19-inch Cadiz alloy wheels
Bi-xenon headlights
Led daytime running lights
Quad tailpipes
Leather sports steering wheel
Ambience lighting
Radio system with touchscreen


Not much more could be said without me going back to the performance figures the R boasts, we look forward to the day Volkswagen decides to hand us the keys for a couple of days we already foresee a good couple of days with it. So Volkswagen this is an invite for you to hand us the keys.

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