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Zandile Nadia Motha


Miss Motha welcome to GOTTAGGED, and thank you for sparing us the opportunity to have a chat with you.

GT: How long have you been modelling for?

Zandile: I have been working towards building a professional career in modelling for just about five years.

GT: How did you get into modelling?

Zandile:I’ve had the vision of being a model or Miss SA since the age of 4. But to be honest I never took it seriously until after my matric year. Many people would advise me to do modelling but I had a low self-esteem after years of being teased from primary school through to high school. During my matric year I decided to enroll in a modelling academy to establish my modelling skills on weekends. I haven’t looked back since then.

GT: Which pageants have you entered and how have you performed?

Zandile: My first pageant was Mr and Miss Roosevelt where I won the debutant award.
Face of Espoir 2011-2012,
Participated in Miss Rivonia 2013,
Achieved 2nd Princess at the Miss Million Dollar 2013 pageant.
Top ten finalist at the Miss Valley.
2nd Princess at the Miss Rivonia 2014 pageant.
Best Dressed Award at the Miss Dream Girl 2014
Mr and Miss UJ APB Campus top 5 finalists.
Eastgate Look of Fashion Winner 2014 and also achieved the Miss Socialite Award at Eastgate Look of Fashion 2014.

GT: What would you say is your best asset?

Zandile: My personality, intelligence, toes, legs and lips.

GT: Career wise where do you see yourself in five years?

Zandile: I’ll have grey hairs by then LOL, but I see myself as a successful business woman.

GT: What advice would you give to our youth out there eager to begin a career in modelling?

Zandile: It’s a tough industry and not everyone can be a model. You need to be smart, strong willed and very confident within yourself. Many people will try to break you but, you need to have the ambition to go far and overcome difficult obstacles. Live a healthy lifestyle, personal grooming is very important and steer clear away from negative people. You can be anything you want to be, it all starts with a dream and taking active steps to make them come true.

GT: If we were to interview your friends, what would they most likely say about you?

Zandile: I think they would say I’m crazy, fun to be around and smart.

GT: What do you consider as your greatest career highlight?

Zandile: Winning the Eastgate Look of Fashion pageant 2014 and modelling at the SA Fashion week 2014.

GT: What is your favourite car and why?

Zandile: It has to be between the Land Rover Discovery 4 and a Subaru BRZ, they are stylish cars. I love the sound of a Subaru’s engine and the design and comfort of the Land Rover Discovery 4.

GT: Describe yourself in three words

Zandile: Ambitious, Dynamic and a Fashionista.

GT: And lastly, where can people get hold of you?

Zandi: Facebook: Mizz Caramello

Zandi Motha-Eastgate look of Fashion2014/ 15

Twitter: Zzandi_mo

Instagram: MizzCaramelo

Well there you have it folks, Zandile Nadia Motha, a young and upcoming star, watch this space. Zandi thank you once again for giving us the time to meet and greet you, you are indeed a name to watch out for and we can’t wait to hear of great things about you, and all the best for your trip to Italy. Signing out GOTTAGGED

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